Day 21 – 20 kilometers

This morning I had arranged to meet Dan Stevens at ‘the bridge’ for an hours ride. In cycling circles, ‘the bridge’, means the Runcorn bridge and it was a weird place to meet for a one hour ride, as it takes 40 minutes to get there from my house.

A quick message last night sorted it all out, and Dan meant the bridge around Sefton Park, only 2 minutes from my house!! Doh! With a good dose of coffee I set off for my ride.

Just these past few weeks, with nice weather I’ve been getting out riding again. I’m pleased that my fitness isn’t too bad, but I’m starting to notice the slightly obsessive drive coming into it.

In the past, with my cycling, it went from something I enjoyed, to something I felt compelled to do. If I didn’t fancy a winter training ride and missed it I would beat myself up about it. Or if I went out and my legs felt terrible, I would feel down about that and get anxious.

The challenge for me now is to do cycling in a psychologically healthy way. It doesn’t mean I won’t be training a bit, or even doing a few races, but being more gentle with myself and focusing on the positive experiences that cycling gives me, rather than any feeling of compulsion towards performance.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 10.23.41


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